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Biography Named Jean Elie Etienne, born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti on July 31, 1995. The youngster grew up in Carrefour. Due to the country’s insecurity, at the age of 12, his parents had to remove him and settle him in the Dominican Republic. Arriving in a different culture than usual he felt lonely and bored, but luckily they gave him a laptop with FL STUDIO installed. With this he had to have fun and therefore play with the app, he learned to use the app and became an instrumental music producer or better said beat maker. Work with various local and international artists, who have abandoned their artistic careers. In order to be recognized by the general public, he decided to create a YouTube channel then al the other social media account on the name of JARCBEATS to promote himself. Now he is lauching his own musics and be singing on them.

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Email: jarcbeats@gmail.com

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