It isn’t sufficient to have prepared the adolescent in a lewdness of violations and to have poured this “Artibonite” of blood which, from Christine Young to Oriel Jean, feeds and heaps on a similar fire the bodies of François Latour, Jacques Roche, General Max Mayard, Jean Dominique, Mireille Durocher Bertin, Father Jean Marie Vincent, Sylvio Claude, Roger Lafontant, the Izméry siblings, and so on.

It isn’t sufficient to have, by and by, called the remote boots on the dirt of Dessalines and Petion. The undertaking of this fifth section is to make turmoil to such an extent that this pseudo “popularity based upheaval”, with prophetically calamitous points, causes just failures and dangers making Haiti the following Somalia of the Americas

Against these ruses which don’t reply in any capacity to the chronicled work of Haiti which, since Dessalines and Pétion, is to walk wherever on the planet the banner of the opportunity and the equity, the genuine Haitian loyalists ascend like the dark Jacobins of the ‘history. Haiti stands and will dependably remain against not just the radical quest for enthusiasts and degenerates camouflaged as priests , guaranteeing the religious current of Christian idea, which transformed our young men and young ladies into instruments of dread, yet additionally against these soldiers of fortune and pillagers with whom no social task is practical.

Haitian citizen

We say with Pope Francis, not to this corruption of Judeo-Christian idea, not to these misinterpretations of Islam and not to the dehumanization of voodoo venerate!

Conceived from globalization, Haiti is by job a land where races and hues exist together, exist together, just like the case amid the 70s. It is in this way no longer important to play Pétion against Dessalines, Toussaint against Rigaud and Boyer Bazelais against Solomon.

To this end, we bid to the incredible hours of our history, to the chivalrous signal of a Louis Borno who needed to accumulate in a similar tomb, the entombments of Dessalines and Petion.

We bid to all honest to goodness Haitian loyalists who are not near overlooking the incredible treacheries of 1994.

Last Post: Haiti Crisis: The time of confusion

We bid to fathers and moms whose girls have turned into the prey of the new rich individuals with questionable fortunes and holders of messy cash.

That our aggregate telecom associations expect, for the sake of the opportunity to illuminate, their duties versus every Haitian indistinguishably and society all in all!

Haitian citizen

May the ability to administer be appointed to highminded people!

Let the theocracies at long last break with the verifiable convention of sneaking up all national riches!

May the Christian places of worship return to the soul and the expression of Christ!

That benefit adds to the freedom of credit!

May our childhood dream once more, in light of the fact that the fantasy filters the heart!

That Haiti stops to be that ungovernable express that is ridiculed by the global world; that it stop to show this rate of wrongdoing which is of stressing extents and that at long last, adolescence turns out to be again the dad of the man, for a Haiti which, generally, still checks!

For that we have to rethink life and its festivals; we should make the stride that conveys us closer to our individual man. Joined Nations Secretary-General U Thant once said “we went to the moon while we need to make the stride that isolates us from our neighbor”.

Haitian citizen

There is no uncertainty that we can not at all make a majority rules system, with this question we have on one agree with the blacks and on the opposite favor the mulattoes. Again and again we will in general overlook that we improve one another, from the perspective of good qualities, with the two blacks and mulattoes, and that in a majority rule government the skyline will never stop to the shade of the skin.

This is the reason we approach the capable elites to go with us on this regal way of self-disclosure and the other.

We will be informed that our general public has nothing to do with these moralistic talks; however let us not overlook that the Haitian emergency is an ethical emergency that is worn out on imagining executives of inner voice without still, small voice and lawbreakers without second thoughts. Else, we would not have a press to some degree without tenet, an oligarchic periphery that vampires and debilitates the state, with a mindset acquired from the flibuste and a political class without vision.

Since the deactivation of the military at the actuation of people whose statelessness is never again to illustrate, Haiti is doing gravely, kidnapped by an obstinate race of desperados, ace vocalists and professional killers . Haiti is frightened, Haiti is eager. Haiti can not bear it any longer! The record is with the end goal that Haiti gets itself nostalgic for the past times.

Defilement and wrongdoing are the new trade monetary forms circled in parallel with the gourd and the dollar.

At that point, against this plunge into heck, we make a serious intrigue to the imperative powers of the country. Gone are the times of the imposing business models and the deaths reported with those overcomers of the black market who frequent the spirits.

Edge of the bourgeoisie stayed legit in spite of and against everything, we need to forfeit you to force the hallucination of the eager for power disappointments!

Valiant populaces of the urban communities and the field, one needs to render retribution on you of the disappointment and the idiocy!

Sacred powers, not yet contaminated by gangrene of the most recent thirty years, wake up!

Wake up to the last fight against imposture and wrongdoing!

Wake up to work with the mortar of solidarity, this intimate society upheld by Jacques Roumain. Since you generally need to pick among “shade and prey”. Be persuaded!


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