Haitian Government victim of fake news on social networks

Politic : The Haitian Government victim of fake news on social networks

It doesn’t occur seven days without the Government of Haiti being compelled to deny counterfeit news (data intentionally false with aim to deceive the general population), which have been for a while inside the system of a tremendous battle of deception for prominently political purposes, went for hurting the Haitian State and its foundations and blending open annoyance against the specialists.

Monday, it is the turn of Jean-Marie Reynaldo Brunet the Minister of the Interior to bring “a downright disavowal to records, absolutely false, including a correspondence of the National Council of Telecommunications (CONATEL), announcing prepared assets from ‘National Telecom S.A.'(NATCOM), to finance its insight administrations.

Haitian Government victim

This demonstration of falsehood on informal organizations, is a piece of the obscurantist works of individuals who have obscure interests to destabilize the nation. The Minister of the Interior and Territorial Communities (MICT) calls the populace to be mindful about this battle of inebriation and control of supposition, through the scattering of false data on informal organizations. Also, the Ministry indicates that such practices and exchanges are not part of national records methodology or open accounts.”

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The Minister Brunet welcomes “the scholarly creators of these unscrupulous activities to get back together immediately” and illuminates that he requested that the skillful administrations investigate this circumstance, which as per him “intends to bolster a strain and fuel a psychosis of dread in the nation, and also to cast shame on State establishments.”

Haitian Government victim

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