Vertières: 216 years later

Vertières: 216 years later

I grew up under François Duvalier who never left the National Palace to go in assessment.

On May eighteenth, the understudies were cheerful to go to the National Palace grass to take an interest in the motorcade of school kids who started to perform craftsmanship bits of exceptional lucidness. The discourses were produced using the peristyle mounted in the condition by architects of craftsmanship. It was delightful and clean. All around finished.

It was the equivalent for November eighteenth. A military procession was sorted out on the garden of the National Palace with a few contingents: one of the Presidential Guard and alternate Barracks Dessalines and a little later a mixture brigade that united tip top corps like the Leopards joined by Cadets in preparing and other preparing camps. A few years the procession was joined by the VSN. They all framed the battalion of the extraordinary procession after the convention of utilization.

Did I say convention? We had head of convention who controlled both the customary visitors and the visitors of respect.


Just a single discourse was modified on this day: that of the Supreme and Effective Chief. This message was known as the Order of the Day issued by the President of the Republic to Officers, NCOs and Soldiers. There were cites on the plan and designs. For instance, this USGPN policeman showered in blood on October 17 who was shot amidst the head would be embellished. The man was giving presidential security. He stayed flawless as a robot prepared to carry out a vocation. He ensured that the President of the Republic left protected and sound. He was a previous officer who shaped the primary unexpected of the General Security Unit of the National Palace. It makes us believe that Capois-la-Mort was not a basic legend.

Among the activities to which we were entitled on November 18, Helicopters were down in ropes on the National Palace garden men in battle adapt, assault rifles on the back, in adequate amounts to energize the group and maybe frighten. They had gotten their preparation from Israeli and American military enconjuncts.

I say they were alarming since the Italian brand SIAI-Marchetti stream contenders (four altogether) purchased by Duvalier taking off from the Bowenfield military air terminal had won us a shower of dissents from the neighboring Republic. They were 7000 officers, NCOs and fighters, the police notwithstanding, they were them on the opposite side of the fringe 70000 at any rate, however they feared our troops. Furthermore, our fringes were all around monitored and regarded. The Dominican troopers can not put in multi day without nourishment, the Haitian military could live in wild pig and wild yam, they gave results.

In the renegade chase they crossed the fringes of Juan BOSH and in their blazing youthful taught and zapped officers they trusted that they could enter the capital in quest for the psychological militants in light of the fact that around then they were likewise equipped with solid ideas about the brain research of the adversary …


In short we had a little armed force that observed Vertières with its kin and glad for this beneficial interaction. Sadly this armed force vanished in the winds of political contentions in light of the fact that the military were prepared to live far from governmental issues under François Duvalier. What’s more, when Jean-Claude Duvalier given them over or trusted the power in light of the fact that no regular citizen structure was prepared to practice the situation of the Supreme Head and Staff or Chief of the Executive Power, the armed force had effectively crossed the Rubicondans the way that was to prompt his vanishing.

An officer like General Raoul Cedras was not a government official and was not made to direction. He was a very much prepared staff officer who had recently instructed or had a place with a first class security unit gathering of the President of the Republic outside the typical Guard Command chain. presidential. This unit was set up on the suggestion of our insight benefits promptly after the death of President Sadat by a gathering of equipped men who had penetrated the standard armed force on the event of a military motorcade. a procession and executed their piece with brillo.

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A year ago, it was in line with the General Staff of the Police that the President of the Republic chose to arrange the procession of November 18, in Cap-Haitien. The individuals from the General Staff complimented the President’s senses to influence him to see how he was cherished by the Capois and how they would be upbeat to praise the remobilization of the Armed Forces in the North. I read the false reverence on the substance of the then Commander of the DCPA who was upheld in his number by his Director General normally and by the President of the CSPN, our dear and delicate First.


The President gave in for Cap-Haïtien. A couple of days after the fact, when we could never again backtrack in the association of the common military motorcade similar men of the Police were making the talk that the Capois did not acknowledge the activation of the Armed Forces as though he were coming back to them and their acolytes to choose the fate of this nation as 6, 7 and 8 July 2018.

At long last the President was in Vertières. Yet, after Vertières he needed to disrobe and after that get dressed to take an interest in the services of the day so this notable place was in a grieved state.

This year after the imprisonment of Moses Jean-Charles, a buffoon raised as pioneer or ad libbed all things considered and who after his discharge in front of an audience does not trust he was living only one scene, the journey to Vertières won’t occur. This journey of November 18 started to come to fruition after the rejection of the armed force. In any case, we constantly comprehended that the Capois was not pleased with this Monument so seriously kept. It took around eight days of cleaning to make this visit conceivable by the Head of State on account of the insalubrity that littered the space each time that came the season of the festival of this commemoration whose resound surpassed our outskirts as though the request for the cleaning of this landmark, which is the respect of the Capois and the entire country, should originate from the National Palace.

Haiti Vertières

As of late it has been the equivalent, regardless of whether the Head of State is a child of the North or another person. This landmark, overflowed with fertilizer of different sorts (counting human) does not intrigue the Capois. They are not all that glad as one would think. It is vital more to move this site to MUPANAH where rest, deferentially, the guardians of the mother country. As rest the incredible exchanged to a Pantheon. Perhaps by the Palace, whoever the occupant is, the scoundrels won’t have the capacity to get to it.

Ayibobo! How about we wrap up

Vertières: 216 years later

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