Haiti receive Donation from Japan emergency response equipment

As a major aspect of the participation with Japan and the help of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in the “Flexibility” venture that has quite recently finished following 2 years of presence, the Directorate of Civil Protection (DPC) has prepared the Departmental Emergency Operations Centers (COUD) of the North and North-East with a bunch of hardware and mediation gear with the end goal to reinforce their crisis readiness and reaction limits and to fiascos.

On this event, Ms. Yvonne Helle, Director of UNDP, and Jerry Chandler, Director of the DPC, joined by Japan’s Ambassador to Haiti, Yoshiaki Hatta, visited the new offices of the North-East COUN, specifically new residence worked as a major aspect of the Resilience venture which upheld the National System for Risk Management at the focal dimension and in the two divisions.

In his intercession, Chandler commended the viability of Japanese collaboration and UNDP bolster, expressing “The Haitian Government, through common security structures specifically, will keep on working with its accomplices, for example, UNDP and the Government of Japan, with the end goal to keep on building the flexibility of our networks and our kin.”

As far as concerns her Ms. Yvonne Helle said “I might want to thank our accomplices in the Haitian Government for the trust set in our organization […] I especially welcome the responsibility and accessibility of departmental specialized facilitators for their unlimited inclusion in the usage execution of this undertaking”.

Keep in mind that the DPC through the “Strength” Project, has possessed the capacity to enhance the coordination of learning of normal perils in land utilize arranging and urban arranging through aversion and hazard decrease designs of the urban areas of Cap-Haitien and Ouanaminthe. In the previous two years, the limit of networks to plan and execute security measures against characteristic risks in the most powerless areas and additionally readiness and reaction limits at national and departmental dimension have been reinforced.

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