Launch of the reconstruction works of the ENARTS

Monday, Jean Michel Lapin, the Minister of Culture joined by its Director General Yves Pénel and his Director of Cabinet, Pradel Henriquez, within the sight of Philippe Dodard, the Director General of the National School of Arts (ENARTS) continued, to the establishing of the framework stone for the reproduction of ENARTS, a 35-year-old organization.

Stage I, of the 3-story working to house the school will take 4 months. The general undertaking that will be executed by the firm Construction F&F, gives, in addition to other things, a library/media library, an amphitheater, a PC lab, an exercise center and a smaller than normal auditorium with chronicle studio.

In his comments, Minister Lapin demonstrated that his situation on the ENARTS had not changed, expressing that “the requests of the understudies were advocated” including that the recovery of the National School of Arts is a need of the Government, guaranteeing that “there will be no discontinuities” in the remaking work that will happen in 4 stages.

How about we review that an emergency coming about because of a challenge development of understudies, who requested changes inside the ENARTS, had constrained the conclusion of the School for almost 13 months. The regulatory exercises were continued after an update of understanding initialed in April 2018 after long exchanges between the different heroes. The scholarly reviving is booked for January 2019 in another neighborhood, as indicated by what Dodard said.

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