President Jovenel Moïse: Message to the Nation

Wednesday evening, after the Sunday exhibitions pursued by 3 days of general strikes that incapacitate the nation, in a 6-minute message to the Nation pre-recorded in Creole communicated on the National Television of Haiti (TNH), President Jovenel Moïse joined by Prime Minister Jean-Henry Céant, Jean-Marie Reynaldo Brunet (Interior), Jean Roody Aly (Justice) and the High Command of the Haitian National Police, left 4 days of quietness to avow his authenticity and call for regard for the Constitution and call for exchange and quiet.

While the restriction in the road requests his abdication, the Head of State reviewed “It is inside the structure of the popular government that the Haitian individuals chosen me president in decisions free and genuine as the desire the Constitution […] During the five years of my administration, nobody, I mean no one, whatever the guise, can not compromise the interests of the nation or put the Nation in risk […] The quality of any vote based system, it is the regard of the law […]”

He welcomed his political adversaries to trust that the decisions will take control, calling attention to his political rivals that majority rules system requests forfeits and regard for the standards, advising them that the political fight must be about thoughts and exchange and not brutality in the roads “I requested that the Prime Minister meet individuals in all parts and all tendencies…” and to make every one of the courses of action to guarantee security lives and products.

In his message, where he unequivocally reaffirmed his authenticity in charge of the State, he didn’t try to reestablish the populace’s certainty or urge it to continue the ordinary course of their exercises, he didn’t say single word in regards to the occasions of November eighteenth nor about strikes that incapacitate the nation, nor about the Petrocaribe dossier…

Note that the resistance has rejected the call for exchange of the Head of State, proceeding to request his renunciation and declares another show for Friday.

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