Haiti Social : 2nd Voluntary Return Flight from Chile, 170 Haitians expected

Monday, November 26, as a major aspect of the Humanitarian Plan for an efficient return propelled by the Chilean Government on October 17 for the intentional return of Haitians living today in Chile, a second trip of 170 Haitians will leave Chile to Port-au-Prince.

Keep in mind that this program is gone for comrades, who have neglected to settle in Chile, since they can not ace the dialect, become accustomed to the cruel atmosphere or discover work, who came to Chile, supported by bogus guarantees of deceitful people who have made false guarantees against expansive wholes of cash and who never again have the monetary way to come back to Haiti.

Among these willful returnees, there are 56 Haitians who couldn’t fly on November 7 since they were not on the arrangements of conference following a wreck of the Chilean organization. Since this date this gathering is introduced in the area of Santa Cruz in desire for the new flight.

Rodrigo Ubilla, Undersecretary of the Interior, focused on that to keep this circumstance from happening once more, messages and customized messages were sent to caution everybody included. Reviewing “It has dependably been said that the primary flight would be a pilot understanding and that there would be an apprenticeship”.

“There are as of now 1,618 individuals selected in the program and 600 documents looked into,” said Undersecretary Ubilla, who helps all recipients to remember this program “[…] we request that Haitians understand that the Chilean State has taken the choice to encourage them, however every one of the guidelines must be regarded.”

Review that Haitians in Chile, who wish to come back to Haiti, can enroll since October 17 on the site of the Department of Immigration: https://tramites.extranjeria.gob.cl/etapas/ejecutar/2984

To meet all requirements for this program, Haitians must not have a lawful circumstance in advancement and they should sign a legally approved revelation in which they attempt not to come back to Chile in the following 9 years. On the off chance that transients have a companion, accomplice or youngsters, they should finish the procedure mutually and travel in gatherings.

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