Haiti The phenomenon of street children still a reality in the country 27/11/2018 09:56:00

As a major aspect of the World Day of Street Children (20 November) the Haitian Foundation “Zanmi Timoun Fwontyè” (Founded in 2001) is horrified by the way that the wonder of road kids proceeds in the nation and is indignated by the problematic living states of these kids left to themselves, wearing filthy and torn garments compelled to ask to discover some sustenance.

Notwithstanding the multiplication of associations and organizations engaged with the battle against this wonder, road kids are as yet various in the capital and in some commonplace towns.

“Zanmi Timoun Fwontyè” condemns the flightiness of the Haitian State underlining the non-regard of its commitments towards youngsters and families in Haiti, reviewing that the Constitution corrected in its solutions stipulates in articles 260 and 261 the State duties to guarantee the assurance of kids and families.

Article 260 :

It (the State) owes square with assurance to all families, regardless of whether they are hitched. It must give assistance and help to maternity, adolescence and seniority.

Article 261 :

The law gives insurance to all youngsters. Each tyke has the privilege to cherish, love, understanding and the good and material consideration of his dad and mom.

What’s more, the Foundation reminds the Haitian Government by endorsing in 1994, the International Convention on the Rights of the Child, is resolved to regard the privileges of youngsters, including their entitlement to sustenance, their entitlement to wellbeing, their entitlement to training, their entitlement to live in a situation helpful for their physical, mental, good, social and profound improvement. In any case, that indeed, the Haitian State has taken no successful measures to meet its commitments.

To viably battle the wonder of road kids, the Foundation prescribes to the Government as far as restorative measures to evacuate road kids for situation in reintegration focuses or in families and furnish them with an instruction adjusted to their necessities. Concerning preventive measures, it is for the State to embrace a compelling social approach with respect to kids and the family so any family can meet the fundamental needs of its kids: sustenance, garments , lodging, instruction, wellbeing lastly the Haitian state must guarantee that new youngsters don’t profit to live for the roads.

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