Haiti Politic : The radical opposition claims to be a victim of repression

Marjory Michel, Schiller Louidor and Me Michel of the Democratic and Popular Movement of the resistance say “The political constraint is seething in Miragoâne. Joanis Jean Claude, security officer of Senator Nenel Cassy, ​​was captured by the legal experts of Miragoâne at the compensation of the political power set up. […]”

Additionally, they hate that these equivalent specialists of Miragoâne “have issued around thirty capture warrants and twelve takeoff boycott against relatives of Senator Cassy and the Democratic and Popular Sector under false guises.”

They trust that the atmosphere of restraint introduced in the nation, which has just prompted the death of a few people and various captures, “is a noteworthy hindrance to the political exchange supported by the global network and different parts of national life.”

While repeating that the answer for the emergency go through the renunciation of President Jovenel Moïse, Marjory Michel, Schiller Louidor and Me Michel “require the continuation of the prevalent preparation to make the political conditions fundamental to the acknowledgment of the PetroCaribe preliminary and to the association of the Sovereign Haitian National Conference, prone to draw out another Society venture in light of a legitimate concern for all without qualification of any sort.”

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