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Boneset Benefits, a life and health changing plant, you should know it

Boneset is a plant native to North America that has been used by Native American’s to cure colds and boost the immune system. It isn’t common in other parts of the world, but there’s a lot of evidence that boneset can be an effective treatment for many different diseases and ailments. You can find it throughout the Midwest and in the Southern and Eastern regions of the United States.



You can commonly use The stems, flowers, and leaves  on the plant and turn it into a tea or tincture. Boneset increases the effectiveness of the immune system to help reduce the effects of colds and flu, builds resistance to other infections, and loosens phlegm in the body. They Traditionally use boneset  to cure migraines, bone pain, and weakness.
Boneset grows in humid environments in the Eastern half of the United States. You can Find it along streams and at the edges of swamps. It can grow anywhere from three feet to five feet tall and is perennial; flowering between July and September. The flowers are white in color, and the leaves form around the base of the stem, appearing to be one large leaf.

How to use it?

Use the fresh, flowering plant for tincturing, and the unflowered boneset plant for drying out to create a tea. If you try to dry out the flowering plant it will start to seed, which is why it’s best to avoid drying any flowering boneset.
Make tea with a tablespoon of boneset to 8 ounces of water and drink it when you need to reduce a fever or get over a cold. Do this about three times a day. You can
also make a cold infusion but it won’t be diaphoretic.
To make a tincture out of boneset to cure bacterial infections use one part fresh boneset to two parts liquid or one part dried boneset to five parts liquid. The liquid mixture is 95% 120 proof grain alcohol and 5% water. Add about 30 drops to hot water for an infection or 10 drops to fight fatigue and no more than four times daily.
There are no known risks to using boneset, but not much scientific research has been done. It’s best to talk to your doctor about using it for prolonged periods of time.

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