10 stretching exercises that help increase your metabolism

10 stretching exercises that help increase your metabolism

An abundance of food or a sedentary lifestyle affects health, appearance and even body symmetry. This is because repetitive movements sometimes tend to develop certain muscles rather than others, in many cases giving rise to an imbalance which results in an asymmetry of strength. This is characterized by one side always weaker than the other when it comes to performing the same task. To help you restore the balance while boosting your metabolism for better health, here are 9 stretching exercises for inactivity.

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Whether at home or even in a park, you can easily perform these exercises. All you need to do is bring a yoga mat, your workout clothes and a towel.

First exercise, targeted area: The neck

Put yourself on the mat with your back to the floor and bend your legs, leaving your feet glued to the ground. Take your towel, fold it crosswise and place it behind your head, holding both ends. Tighten your abdominals and gluteal muscles for good posture, and lift your head with the towel. It is imperative to keep your back straight on the ground. You should feel the rear of your neck stretch.

Second exercise, targeted area: shoulders

Position yourself so that you are perpendicular to the wall with your left side glued to it. Again, tighten your abs as well as your glutes to maintain a straight back. Still glued to the wall and without moving the rest of your body, bend your arm glued to the wall backwards. You will feel the tops of your shoulders working. Repeat for the other side.

Third exercise, targeted area: the triceps

For this exercise that works the muscles of the posterior arm, you will need a vertical bar (or a gate). Rest your right shoulder on the bar, raise your left arm so that it is aligned with your shoulders, and grab the support. Finally, turn your head to the left to increase the stretch. Maintain good posture throughout the exercise and repeat the movement on the other side.

Fourth exercise, target area: upper back

Lie down on a mat, facing the floor. Use your towel as a pillow to rest your forehead on. Raise your shoulders and cross your arms on either side. Each of them should be stretched as far as possible on the reverse side. However, it is important not to force this exercise, especially if you lack flexibility at first. This will come little by little and will make the exercise easier.

Fifth exercise, target zone: abdominal belt

Great exercise to get rid of belly fat. Kneel on your yoga mat, then support yourself on the bent left leg and straighten the right leg. Lean on the right hand and raise the left arm above your head to the right to stretch the body optimally. For this exercise it is imperative to keep your leg straight and your body straight.

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Sixth exercise, target zone: the quadriceps

Stand on your yoga mat in a lunge position to work the front thigh muscles. Support yourself on the left foot with the knee bent, and bend the right knee back so that the top of your foot is against the wall. Lower your chest so that both hands are on opposite sides of your left leg and hold the position. Do the same movement for the opposite side.

Seventh exercise, targeted area: the gluteal muscles

Sit on your yoga mat and try to catch each foot with the hand on the opposite side. Your knees should be approximately level with your face, and your back should be naturally round. Hold this position for a few seconds, before releasing to repeat the movement.

Eighth exercise, targeted area: the calves

Kneel down on your yoga mat, then swing your body back and support yourself on your elbows. Your arms should be perpendicular to the floor, while maintaining a straight back and tightening your abs.

Ninth exercise, target zone: the hamstrings

The hamstring muscle is the back muscle of the thigh. For this exercise, you will need to face a wall before performing 3 movements. First, straighten the left leg backwards, making sure that the right leg is stretched forward. Then extend both of your arms and place your palms on the wall. Finally, lift the foot of the right leg so that your toes are resting on the wall.

Once in position, bend your arms at the same time as your right leg and hold the position for a few seconds. Repeat on the other side.

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