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A Bit About Synthetic Antibiotics

Bacteria are microorganisms that live everywhere, in your drinking water, in the dirt, and even within your body. Some bacteria in the body are helpful and assist with many different bodily processes. Without bacteria your body couldn’t produce vitamin K, convert foods to energy, or get rid of waste that would lead to cancer and other diseases.
Most people only think of bacteria as being negative because of the germs and diseases that certain types of bacteria can cause. Pathogenic bacteria are the harmful types of bacteria that cause infection. Food poisoning, ulcers, sexually transmitted diseases, and meningitis are just a few of the bacterial diseases that exist. Many of these conditions are contagious and even life threatening.
Antibiotics are used to stop pathogenic bacteria from harming the body and spreading to other people. Usually the antibiotics that people are familiar with are chemical antibiotics in the form of medication. These antibiotics don’t heal every problem and can do more damage than good if used incorrectly.
Over time bacteria becomes more resistant to chemical treatments. The goal of a bacterium is to thrive and continue to live. Whenever a new form of treatment is introduced to destroy bad bacteria, it can adapt to changes over a few bacteria lifetimes and alter itself to reduce the effectiveness of the drug or stop the treatment from working altogether.
A lifespan for bacteria can be as short as 20 minutes, so it can be a quick process for
bacteria to become immune to new treatments. As bacteria travels it communicates with other bacteria. During this exchange bacteria passes along all of the changes it has undergone in order to continue living.
From then on all future generations of the bacteria are passed on the resistant properties, making it harder to destroy other forms of pathogenic bacteria with the same treatments. This is why super bacteria that are drug resistant are formed. A pathogenic bacterium that has built resistance to drugs is a national concern that takes thousands of lives every year.
Every time that bacteria comes in contact with antibiotics, bacteria becomes stronger and makes physical changes to become more drug resistant. That’s why it’s so important to not misuse antibiotics and to only use them when they’re absolutely necessary.
For instance if you use an antibiotic to attempt to cure a virus (which can’t be treated by antibiotics) then the antibiotics may destroy positive bacteria in the body. Reduction of good bacteria can make it more difficult to fight disease. If the good bacteria changes and becomes immune to that antibiotic then it’s possible for that immunity to pass on to pathogenic bacteria your develop an illness.
Synthetic antibiotics are all around, both on the land and within the water supply. This is because antibiotics remain active when they are thrown away; leave the body as waste, or when manufactures dispose of them in the environment. Antibiotics are only killed in high heat or from UV rays from the sun and having them around constantly leads to resistant bacteria.
Since there’s huge pollution of antibiotics that risk causing bacteria to build resistance and potentially take the lives of those that it comes in contact with, it’s important to find another source of antibiotics, mainly natural antibiotics instead of synthetic ones


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