The Solution: Natural Antibiotics

Plants have been a form of medicine for thousands of years. Many different civilizations have sought specific plants for their healing properties. Using plants for their healing properties is the natural way to fight disease in humans and animals and doesn’t cause the same environmental issues that we face from overusing synthetic antibiotics.
Natural antibiotics are found abundantly in nature, with many of them growing as weeds, almost as if mother nature wants their healing properties to be known. You can rely on plant-based natural antibiotics to cure a wide variety of problems. These problems can be as common as having a headache, or it can be an uncommon issue like developing strep throat.
Natural antibiotics have many benefits over synthetic versions. Some of the best antibiotics might be located in your kitchen already, and you just didn’t know that the substance had healing properties. Other natural antibiotics you may want to learn how to locate in your area so that you can have an inexpensive source of natural healing power. Here are some of the ways that natural antibiotics are better than synthetic alternatives:

1. Plants are safe to use. If you use plants in the correct way you can do so safely without worrying about dealing with any side effects, which is common with prescribed medications. With natural antibiotics there isn’t a long list of risks that come with using the medication, and for the most part, they play well with just about everyone. Some natural antibiotics do
come with a few warnings on who should avoid them, but they don’t create entirely new health problems that require another drug to cure.
2. Plants don’t pollute the Earth. Every time that someone takes a synthetic antibiotic, a few days later it leaves their body in the form of waste. From there it pollutes your water, giving you a small amount of antibiotic medication with each glass you drink. The antibiotics that are not used become waste that pollutes the land and attracts bacteria that build resistance to the drugs. These issues are avoided by using natural plant antibiotics.
3. Plants are easy to use and are inexpensive. Think about the health care costs that people accrue each day. Once you learn how to create your own medication to cure the common problems that you and your family face, that’s one less medical bill. Even if you purchase the supplies you need instead of growing them yourself, it’s still far less expensive then billing it to your insurance.
4. Plants naturally destroy bacteria. Plants have hundreds to thousands of phytochemicals living in them that destroy bacteria and promote good health. Bacteria cannot destroy plants because of their complex makeup that has developed over millions of years.
Hopefully this convinces you to stick with a natural antibiotic instead of going synthetic. By reducing the amount of reliance that you have on synthetic antibiotics you can ensure that your ailments are cured in the most natural way possible. Let’s discuss the 15 most powerful natural antibiotics available

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