Similar to the Sida genus, the bidens genus also has about 200 different species of plants in it. It can be found throughout the United States and is often called beggarticks. Variations of biden plants are located in different climates and most of them are considered weedy and invasive.

The variation of Bidens with the highest medicinal value is called the bidens pilosa. It grows in parts of the Far West, Southwest, most of the Southeast, and in parts of the Great Lakes. Bidens plants can be used to treat mucous membrane systemic infections and systemic staph infections. Many other bidens genus plants can be used to the same effect.
Unlike the Sida genus, you’ll want to use bidens plants while they are fresh instead of dried out. You can use the whole plant including the roots, but most of the time just using the leaves should do. The two best methods for using bidens as an antibiotic is by making a tincture or creating a fresh juice out of the leaves.
To make a tincture use one part fresh plant leaves to two parts liquid. About 95% of the liquid should be grain alcohol that’s 190 proof. The remaining 5% is water. Use it to fight internal infection by adding 60 drops to you water, or apply it directly to an infected skin.
To make a juice you can add bidens to your blender or juicer. You’ll want to make sure that it’s a very high quality juicer since fibers of the bidens plants are very strong. The bidens juice can be used directly on the skin or taken internally by adding it to
water. You can also make tea or do a cold infusion of the bidens plant, however it loses its strength right away, so you should consume it the same day that you make it.
Locating the plant is pretty easy in the right climates, since it grows throughout the United States and much of the world. It has white or yellow petals with a yellow and orange interior. The generally cover the ground during the spring and grow larger during the summer and take on more of a common weed appearance.
You can plant the seeds in your yard since they are easy to grow if you want to keep bidens plants around. The seeds are very easy to find and chances are you’ll get a few on your clothing while you’re harvesting bidens. People also use bidens as a potted decorative plant if you don’t want it to be invasive in your yard.

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