There are 100 different types of artemisia plants located throughout the United States. The main type of artemisia that has antibiotic properties is called artemisia annua and grows in every region of the US. It’s commonly called sweet sagewort and has been used to treat many different medical conditions.
Most commonly Artemisia is used to cure malaria. The active ingredient found in artemisia plants is known as artemisinin and had been one of the main ingredients for fighting malaria worldwide. Artemisia can also be used to help cure blood infections and systemic cancers. It fights against intestinal parasites, is active against various types of cancer cells, and can be used to cure skin infections.
Within the past few years it seems that for a number of different reasons a stronger strain of malaria is spreading that shows some resistance to artemisinin, but it hasn’t been reported outside of a few locations in Asia. This is likely due to misuse of artemisinin caused by using the drug too frequently for illness that hasn’t been proven to be malaria.
To use it as an antibacterial you’ll want to use the plant while it is still fresh, instead of allowing it to dry it. It has more antibacterial properties at this stage, and loses them quickly if not fresh. Fats and alcohol break down the artemisia better than water does, so you can infuse it with milk or something with a higher fat content.
To prepare artemisia to cure malaria take 100 grams of the fresh leaves and flowers and pour a quart of whole milk over it. Let it sit while covered for at least 4 hours.
Strain it and drink each day for seven days. You can also make a tincture by mixing fresh Artemisia with two parts 120 proof grain alcohol. Shake the mixture everyday for two weeks and take a tablespoon twice a day for a week.
Artemisia is found in many different parts of the United States, or you can order the herb or supplement online. Artemisia annua has fern like leaves with a yellow flower in late summer and is very aromatic. It grows on a single stem and can reach upwards of 6 feet. It grows pretty much anywhere and is a good plant to have in your backyard so that you can harvest it easily. Since artemisia is considered a weed or invasive, it will continue to grow in your yard each year after you plant it.
Some people begin to feel nauseous after consuming artemisia to cure malaria. Gastrointestinal problems also may occur and cause vomiting, cramping, and loss of appetite so look out for any of these issues if taking large doses at a time. Problems should correct themselves once you stop taking artemisia.

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