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Usnea Benefits

UsneaUsnea is genus of lichen found throughout the United States that grows on bark and twigs of other plants.

It’s also found throughout the rest of the world, making it very common in the wild. You can mainly locate usnea in sick or dying trees and they’re many different varieties of usnea around.

Usnea is commonly used to cure resistant gram-positive bacterial infections of the skin, throat, and gastrointestinal tract and for infections of the vagina and eyes. It really targets the bacteria that line the gastrointestinal tract and destroys the bad bacteria especially the drug resistant strains.

Usnea Benefits

Usnea can be found in forests and orchards, or purchased online to use as an antibacterial medicine. Once you have enough usnea you’ll want to grind it up into powder form if you want to apply it to wounds or keep it whole for use in a tincture or tea. Usnea isn’t fully water-soluble so it’s recommended that you use it as a powder or tincture to really get the most out of its healing powers.
If you’re making a tincture, you’ll want to extract all of the phytochemicals found in usnea through heat. The ratio you’ll need to make a tincture is 1 part usnea, 5 parts liquid. Half should be water and half should be 120 proof grain alcohol.

What you’ll do is heat the water with the usnea overnight or for 48 hours in an oven while covered or in a slow cooker. Mix it up during the initial application and the water and usnea should form a mush. Once the combination is finished cooking, remove it from heat and let it cool until the mixture is warm.

usnea tea


Once the usnea and water
has cooled down but not completely you can add the alcohol and place the mixture in a jar to macerate.
The tincture that you made can be used as a nasal spray, douche, or wash that you can apply directly to the infected area. Add some of the tincture to water to dilute the mixture and use it when needed. If you’re drinking it you’ll add about 40 drops to water three times a day.

Usnea is another plant that you should avoid if you are pregnant or want to become pregnant. It also absorbs lots of heavy metals so you should locate usnea that is far away from any places that may be polluted such as roads and waste sites.

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