Liquorice Benefits

liquoriceLiquorice is found throughout the world and even imported into the United States from other countries because of its antibacterial and healing properties. There are many different species of liquorice plant and it has been used to heal asthma, coughs, and disease since the third century.

Liquorice by itself can be used to cure respiratory and oral infections, and infections of the gastrointestinal and respiratory tracts. It is used by itself to destroy stomach ulcers without upsetting the stomach.
The real power in liquorice comes from its powers to assist other natural antibiotics in the healing process. Instead of taking liquorice alone you should take it with the antibiotics that were discussed earlier to increase their healing powers, reduce the time and dose necessary to cure the body and reduce the side effects.


The best liquorice is European or Chinese and can be ordered online. These varieties have been studied for their healing properties. Be careful not to purchase liquorice from Eastern Europe, which faces heavy pollution problems that works against the healing of the liquorice.

Add liquorice to your tinctures to remove any toxicity from other plants, and to enhance their solubility. It can also used along in tincture, tea, or capsule form to cure tuberculosis, hepatitis, peptic ulcers, and to reduce the problems that come with oral herpes, aphthous stomatitis, and side effects from pharmaceutical drugs.


Liquorice Benefits

To tincture liquorice you’ll want to dry out the roots of the plant. From there you can make it into a powder to use as a capsule or to drink in a tea. Take two to eight capsules daily to assist other natural antibiotics in their processes. Alternatively you can make a tea from one tablespoon of powder and boil it in 8 ounces of water. Simmer it, strain and drink right away.

For a tincture you should use 1 part dried root to 5 parts liquid. The liquid is a mixture of half water, half alcohol. Add 30 to 60 drops to your water up to three times a day. You can also add other tincture blends to your water as well.


There are some warnings for using liquorice, so be aware of how much liquorice root you are consuming. It’s recommended that you don’t take too much liquorice alone without consuming other natural antibiotics. It’s also high in estrogen and can also raise blood pressure with extended use so take low doses over short periods of time to avoid complications.

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