Haiti News : The National Palace deploys its special unit with war’s weapons

Haiti – FLASH: The National Palace deploys its special unit with weapons of war

Since Sunday, hooded men in dark outfits generally conveying a few weapons of war (M60). And coursing in the capital on board pickups having a place with the National Palace secured with disguise paint. It was furnished with assault rifle have caused fear and different elucidations in the populace.

Michelangelo Gideon, the Director General of the PNH affirmed this was not another unit of the PNH. But Rather the Specialized Unit of the National Palace Guard (USGPN). Taking note of that this unit had not been sent on his request.

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Gideon censured the nearness in the avenues. USGPN operators conveying weapons of war and going in get trucks outfitted with overwhelming automatic rifles (M50). He Made reference to having examined it at the last gathering of the Superior Council of the National Police (CSPN). And advised that there was no doubt of intercessions in the roads of units having nothing to do with the units of policing of the PNH.

As far as concerns him, Mario Andrésol, the previous Director General of the PNH additionally condemned the utilization by USGPN. Operators of weapons of war, planned to threaten the populace.

Jude Charles Faustin, President Jovenel Moïse’s Special Adviser, legitimized the nearness of USGPN individuals in the city and the deadly implements they have on account of the dangers and the monetary circumstance, determining about the gear of this unit. There is just the same old thing new, since it has dependably been the General Secretariat of the National Palace which manages the procurement of arms, hardware and materials for the USGPN “a unit that is recalled is in charge of giving presidential security.

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