Ginger Benefits

ginger benefitsGinger Benefits, Here’s another natural antibiotic that you may already have in your home, Ginger. Ginger has been used as
medicine for thousands of years and is readily available at stores and supermarkets.

It grows in tropical regions throughout the world including Asia, the United States, China, and India. The ginger root has the healing properties of an antibiotic and cures a lot of aliments in combination with the other herbal remedies that have been discussed earlier.

Ginger can be used alone as a remedy to colds, to control nausea, and to reduce pain and swelling. When it is used with other natural antibiotics, it helps the herbs travel to other areas of the body easily through circulation. Ginger makes any other natural antibiotics more potent, especially when fighting bacterial diseases that have built resistance to other treatments. It also helps with joint and muscle disorders, reduces stomach cramping and diarrhea, and moves mucus out of your system.

The best ways to take ginger is as a hot tea, as a tincture, through topical application and as food. You want the ginger to be fresh and not dried out. The powdered form of ginger isn’t as strong nor does it have all of the positive healing benefits that fresh ginger does. Ginger can also be applied topically to help reduce pain and speed the healing process of an infection or burn.

To make a tea out of fresh ginger, juice the ginger and add hot water to it. Add a little honey and a dash of cayenne pepper if you’d like. Drink this at least six times a day to cure any bacterial infections in conjunction with any other natural remedies.


If you don’t have a juicer you can also make an infusion with chopped or grated ginger by steeping it for two or three hours while covered. Filter out all the ginger once it has steeped for a bit and drink at least six cups (or fewer if you’re using it as a preventative) to cure acute conditions.

To make a tincture with ginger combine one part ginger with two parts liquid. The liquid is 95% 120 proof grain alcohol and 5% water. Add 10 to 20 drops to water up to four times a day.

Ginger is really good for your health, but there are a few warnings. Don’t take large amounts while pregnant and stick to moderate doses. Ginger may cause some aggravation to gall stones and cause bloating, or heartburn. Most of the side effects of taking too much ginger are rare.

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