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Why do men prefer curvy women?

Find out why men prefer curvy women with generous curves, and why do men like curvy women. There are several reasons for this and it is becoming more and more fashionable.

curvy women, why do men like curves
Curvy Women

While many women go to great lengths to diet for an hourglass figure, many men prefer curves to model bodies. The latter have many reasons to be more seduced by those who are voluptuous and assume their body while shapes and curves.

1- Curvy Women are feminine

If men particularly like curvy women, it’s for their shapes. The breasts, hips and buttocks are symbols of femininity and seduction. Irresistible curves that they love, especially as they increase attraction. A molded body in a beautiful, flattering dress is sultry and attractive. One reason for women of this build to take advantage of these unstoppable beauty assets.

2- Curvy Women look like pin-ups

Before size 36 became the holy grail of women, beauty standards were quite different. Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot, Claudia Cardinale, Rita Hayworth are all women who were not afraid to show off their curves to the delight of men. A plump belly is far from being a killer, on the contrary. It matches the bodies that are found in life and not on glossy paper, often modified with software. Fortunately, the trend of slender women tends to disappear with women who give pride of place to generous forms like Rihanna or Kim Kardashian. Something to uninhibit women who have a holy horror of their “extra” pounds

3- Curvy Women are good living

Women who take responsibility for their body shape and curves do not count their calories. They enjoy sitting down and tasting the pleasures of good food without the guilt. Ideal for sharing a moment for two and not neglecting a good dessert. Those who appreciate their body as it is are more spontaneous and have more confidence. Uncomplicated, they are more seductive and do not hesitate to be more enterprising. Slim or round, a woman who fully accepts herself is sexier because she radiates well-being. It is this confidence in her seductive power that makes her devilishly attractive!

4- Curvy Women have beautiful buttocks

Those who appreciate a beautiful butt are unanimous: there is nothing better than a plump woman. And for good reason, their jeans are much more flattering than those with a slender and slender morphology. Social media is increasingly promoting a round, shapely butt, and many of us struggle with squats to round our buttocks. A plump woman has this luck effortlessly. This asset is sublimated very well in a beautiful dress or in a swimsuit! It is not this beauty that will contradict this since to prove the beauty of curves, this XXL model poses nude.

5- Curvy Women have beautiful breasts

The hearts of men who are more exhilarated by a beautiful chest will lean more on the side of curvy women. And for good reason, the latter is generous and makes a cleavage more hypnotic. True symbols of femininity, large breasts make a silhouette more sulphurous. Notice to those who are lucky enough to have them: do not hesitate to be proud of them and to show them off. Another shocking argument: men who prefer women with generous curves like to grab the hips and all curves. An awakening of the senses during caresses, kisses and other hugs. This is why they do not resist the sight of these! And they shouldn’t hesitate to put the ring on their finger. And for good reason, those who marry a round woman would be happier.

6- And it’s scientifically proven!

An authoritative argument drives the point home which shows that men do have a thing for generously sized women. Relayed by our colleagues from Time, this study reveals this male propensity to be seduced by those who have a vertiginous arch. According to this research of 100 men, researchers noted a clear preference for women with a “45.5 degree back-to-butt curve.” Scientists called this measurement “the theoretically optimal angle of the lumbar curvature.” These experts also referred to it being considered a woman’s pledge to “carry a pregnancy”. Enough to be convinced then to love our curves because that could well be our charm asset. In any case, this man is deeply convinced of it because he wrote a love song in homage to the generous body of his wife.

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