Why do men like to make love in the morning?

Are you fond of cuddling when you wake up? Are you one of those people who love to do somersaults under the covers before starting their work day? Well, know that this habit can be extremely beneficial for your morale. In fact, there is nothing better than making good love to take care of your physical and mental health. But despite its many benefits, women can seem reluctant about the practice. Bad breath, lack of time or even lack of desire are all factors that can push them to reject morning somersaults. In this article, find out why most men love this idea!

make love
Making Love

It seems that men and women are not always on the same page when it comes to make love. Often, men express their excitement early in the morning, when their partners are not always receptive to their advances. According to Laurie Watson, a love maker therapist cited by Psychology Today, there are reasons behind this phenomenon.

Why are men more excited than women in the morning?
It is often said that making love is the glue of the couple and that it guarantees an alchemy between the two partners. A fulfilling sexuality promotes bonding and well-being within the relationship. But there are several things that can affect a couple’s love making life. According to love making therapist Laurie Watson, men are more likely to want to make love in the morning, while women would prefer nighttime love making. To explain this difference in timing, the specialist identifies the reasons:

  • Men have a spike in testosterone

Between six and nine in the morning, men have a spike in testosterone. “The male hormone is at its peak every day in the morning. This is why the bioavailable testosterone dosage is performed in the morning, ”says Sylvain Mimoun, gynecologist-andrologist at Cochin Hospital in Paris. So, this may explain the fact that many men get a morning erection. Naturally, they will be tempted to use this erection to indulge in the joys of making love with their partner.

  • A synchronization problem

According to Caroline Le Roux-Poirier, love making therapist, men and women can have a different love making clock. Based on a study published by the Daily Mail, the specialist explains that this phenomenon is explained by the differences between female pleasure and male pleasure. As women are more cerebral, they may find it difficult to indulge in making love in the morning. They will tend to think about what to do during the day and may find that the time is not right for love maker. Men, on the other hand, operate according to their desires of the moment.

  • A question of hygiene

In the morning, women may not feel comfortable making love. Usually, they prefer to shower, brush their teeth, and have time to prepare for their day than to make love. As for men, they take less time to prepare and may find that early morning love making will get them off on the right foot.

What are the benefits of making love?

Making love can have multiple health benefits:

1. Boost your immune system

You’ve probably heard that certain foods boost immunity and prevent many illnesses, but did you know that make love is a great health ally? Indeed, scientific study shows that making love at least twice a week protects the body from bacteria and viruses that can hinder it. So why deprive yourself of this moment of ecstasy that takes care of your body?

2. Lose calories

It is known that being overweight promotes the development of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Unfortunately, people who want to lose weight often struggle to achieve their long-term goals. And for good reason, the frustration caused by a diet can end up causing food compulsions. But rest assured, a study published in the journal PLoS One, reveals that intercourse allows for energy expenditure and can be considered a proven exercise to burn calories.


3. Improve your mood’

Women who make love regularly are more likely to experience general well-being, according to survey results. In addition, couples who enjoy a satisfying, their love making life are happier every day.

4. Better sleep

make love can also be a great way to get restful sleep. As Dr Pallanca, a sleep psychiatrist at France Info, explains, make love helps release prolactin and oxytocin, two hormones that help relax and fall asleep.

5. Fight against stress

According to Isabelle Célestin-Lhopiteau, clinical psychologist, make love is a very good way to fight stress and to benefit from an optimal state of relaxation.

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