Carnival 2021 not cancelled in Haiti

Everywhere in the world Covid-19 is rising again, This illness that started in 2019 and also traumatized the planet with the number of human death on the news everyday.

Celebrating carnival is a Culture of Haiti, this happen every February in date dictated by the Haitian government. In this date a Big quantity of the haitian Population leave their houses attend this national fair.

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A Good quantity from the Diaspora and International Tourist from all over the world go to Haiti during this Period, Because it is a unique and memorable Festivity.

The President of Haiti Mr. Jovenel Moise while he was visiting Port-de-Paix one the cities of Haiti, announced that Haiti is having the national Carnival 2021 Fair in that same city.

President Jovenel Moise has not said the fixed date, no Actual Name for the national Fair, But Haiti is having Party Carnival this February 2021.

Is it good to allow big crowd be reunited doing this period of time of Covid-19?

And I also would like to let you know that actually, there is a lot of insecurity in Haiti, More than one person get kidnapped Per day, Gaz Stations are empty mostly, Politicians Demanding the depart of the President, Demonstrations, tires burning in streets, Everything is almost upside down.

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With all this situation, the carnival is not cancelled in Haiti.

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