6ix9ine fire the Social Media After long Silent with New Song tease – Watch

Subsequent to taking something of a time away from online media, 6ix9ine’s made his re-visitation of Instagram, and he’s likewise prodded another melody.

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On Thursday evening (Feb. 4), 6ix9ine, who was let off house capture last in the wake of serving some an ideal opportunity for government charges last August, sprung up onto IG takes care of wherever with a video prodding some new music. His inscription for the post is run of the mill 6ix9ine.

“Is it true that you are READY????? 100,000 remarks in the event that you need this at the present time ‼️‼️ I TOOK ENOUGH TIME OFF TO SHOW YOU THIS INTERNET SHIT IS BORING WITHOUT ME SUCK MY DICK,” he wrote in the subtitle.

Tekashi has been tranquil in the course of the most recent couple of months.

The last time anybody caught wind of anything identified with him was in late January when somebody moved toward him at a paintball park. The man was then punched by an individual from 6ix9ine’s group in Miami Florida. In video of the occurrence, you can see a man call 6ix9ine a rodent. Minutes after the fact, he hits the ground hard subsequent to being punched in the face by an individual from the rapper’s escort.

That individual asserted that 6ix9ine and his team burglarized him, yet police later verified that was bogus. 6ix9ine was apparently freed from any bad behavior.

Beside the present news, things have been going really well for 6ix9ine, particularly when you consider that he was in government care on racketeering and guns charges a year ago. In the wake of affirming against his previous individual Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods partners in court in the fall of 2019, he was allowed a decreased sentence with time served.

He was delivered from jail to serve the remainder of his two-year sentence under house capture last April, and by August, he was as far as possible free.

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